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Roar for World Tiger Day

Roar Like A Tiger July 29th is World Tiger Day and as one of our favourite Idress suppliers likes a Tiger called Toby; I thought we would share some fun facts about the gorgeous furry big cats. Fun Tiger Facts Tigers are the largest wild cats and can weigh up to 363kg, my five-year-old weighs around 16kg…

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Buying Organic Clothing

What’s wrong with pre-loved clothing? Absolutely nothing; but then why is there a stigma or shame in buying clothes that have been worn before? This could be a ‘generation’ thing as years ago it meant that you couldn’t afford new clothes if you bought from a thrift store, charity shop or second-hand sale; but those…

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What is Organic Cotton

What is Organic Cotton? Organic cotton is cotton that is produced in accordance with the organic agricultural standards, the finished product will also be certified. The organic standards don't allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMO’s in any area of farming organic cotton. It’s production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by…

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