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After having a baby I very quickly realised that the colours available in baby clothes were very traditional and I really wanted a bit more than blue for a boy. I am a user on a popular auction site so of course I started looking at baby clothes and the end result was my first purchase into the world of organic children’s clothing.

At first all I wanted to do was put the outfit on my son, it was a beautiful bright blue and white striped full length romper suit with a monkey face on it. I loved the cuteness of it and of course then went in search of the brand so I could find more. This then opened me up to a whole new world that I had no idea existed, not only was this outfit (and further outfits) gorgeous but it was made from fabric that was sustainable and 100% organic.

I started reading more about organic fabric, its benefits and the process it takes for clothing to be created and finally sold. There are so many positive reasons for wanting to wear organic clothing besides the fact that organic children’s wear actually looks like children’s wear; we live in Mauritius a hot and humid country, it’s important for our children to wear clothes that lets their skin breathe.

A lot of the clothes that I bought for my eldest son are now being worn by my 1 year old and they still look as good as new, that’s one of the beauties of the clothing itself. First time round they were worn daily and put through all the rough and tumble of babies and toddlers including days at nursery. You can imagine how many times these clothes have been washed but they have still maintained that same quality and colour as when I bought them, the way I wash them has probably helped as I’m strict on splitting my washing colours but if it helps the clothes then so be it.

The world of organic clothing is growing with ready-made clothing and beautiful fabrics waiting to be created into something stunning. I am hoping to be able to bring this all to you, my aim is to bring organic clothing to everyone, starting with dressing your children. Let’s dress our babies and children in clothing that is bold and beautiful but also good for them in that it helps their skin breathe but it’s also sustainable and good for the environment helping their future. Let’s start them on the learning curve to a better environment.

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